My Morning with Donal Doherty 'Engage'...

Back in April I saw something on Facebook that made my ears prick up - one of my favourite photographers was starting a new facet to his business! 

We have such a high concentration of creative people in N.Ireland which is fantastic. However, to make creative business succeed you have to have a good business sense also.

Donal Doherty Engage was launched to help photographers create businesses that worked for them but also allowed that all important work life balance...  

During the launch Donal ran some competitions & I was one of the very lucky winners. I won his new book "Social Media Marketing for Photographers" along with an hours mentoring session.  

When I received the book in the post I thought that there couldn't possibly be that much useful information in its 88 pages. Oh boy - was I mistaken!!  I love books & would never dream of writing in them but this book made me want to grab my pen & a highlighter to scribble notes in it. It was chocabloc with invaluable advice & guidance. Instead of writing in it (that would have killed me) I grabbed a block of post it notes and started making notes.

To say I was excited to have my mentoring session was an understatement.  I should first of all thank Donal for taking more time with me than he was meant to - I realised when I was leaving that we had been chatting for a couple of hours! So a  massive thanks Donal for not kicking me out :)

During that time we discussed ways in which I could improve my business to make it work better for me, to allow me more time to spend with my kids & for more personal time. One of those I have already implemented ... giving myself time off on a regular basis. Everyone hates Mondays - so guess what?? Thats my day off each week.  

I have also structured my opening hours - can't believe I actually had "open 24hrs" on my Facebook page. That might sound daft but I was sending wedding album drafts, emails etc  in the very small hours of the morning.  

These two changes alone will make a massive difference to my work life balance. 

Donal gave me a lot of things to think about  - my head is buzzing with so many different ideas.

I am going to sign off now as only 40 mins left until closing time for today.  

Thanks again Donal

Donal Doherty Engage