When you book me for your wedding do you just get a Wedding Photographer?

The simple answer to that is no. Here are a few extra's that you get when you choose me to document your wedding memories:

Security that your images are safe! 

I have heard too many stories of couples who have no photographs due to broken equipment/ corrupt memory cards/ accidental deleting of photos. This isn't just a job to me. It is a massive honour being asked to document the start of a couples married life together. That's why I always bring two cameras to my Weddings. Each of those cameras has double memory card slots so every photograph is automatically backed up onto a 2nd card. Once backed up, a complete set of memory cards is locked away in a fire proof box until your album/usb is delivered. This ensures that the risk of losing photographs is minimised as much as possible. Even though I do have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance, so wedding pics can be taken again, you simply cannot re-enact emotions that were there on your wedding day. The clothes, hair and makeup may all be the same but thats not enough in my opinion.

I make you my Priority!  

I limit the number of weddings I take on each year to ensure that you get the service you deserve... from your initial booking consultation, any help you need in the run up to your wedding, your wedding day, your sneaky peak album available for your friends and family to see on Facebook the evening of your wedding, the whole editing process, designing your album. This all takes time which is what you are promised when you book me to capture your wedding day.


I am a font of lots of useless information, but possibly something that may be of use to you e.g. info on venues, bespoke rings/jewellery, cakes, flowers etc - I am only willing to recommend people who I know will do a fantastic job for you.

I come Prepared!

I'm someone who brings everything (including the kitchen sink) - don't worry though most of it's kept in the boot for those "just in case" moments - e.g. umbrella's, wipes, safety pins, hair grips. I've had to fix brides hair, veils, sew dresses etc - I consider it all part of the service!

A Mothers Intuition!

I bring to the table the knowledge that comes from being a mum - kids, more often than not, don't play ball when we're trying to get photos taken. Thankfully, I am used to kids doing this from my experience of being a mum to two girls and can work with them to get some beautiful photos and capture those special moments.

The Little Things!

Attention to detail is really important to me - if you have a look at my wedding photos you shouldn't see bra straps that have slipped, necklaces that have twisted round, lipstick on teeth etc - that's because I pay attention to the photos I take on your wedding day and step in to iron out those glitches before I click the button...


A bit of craic - most people don't like having their photo taken so I try and make the experience as easy, and as lighthearted as possible.  Your private photoshoot is like 3 friends just having a dander, taking photos along the way.

It's all about YOU!

Individuality - your day should be documented in a style that is individual to you both and thats what I aim to do. Whilst there are key moments we need to document which are the same across all weddings, I want your wedding photos to reflect who you are and not what I want for my portfolio. I get disheartened when I look at some work from other photographers and every album has the same setups/ poses. Couples don't hold hands exactly the same as every other couple, they don't give hugs/ cuddles the same as everyone else. I want you to look back on your album in the years to come and smile because you still love those photos, because they captured YOU!

So when you book me as your wedding photographer, I want you to feel that your day is the most important wedding in my diary! That I am here to help as much as I can, and that I capture you in the way you deserve to be captured on such an important and pivotal day in your lives...


Prices from £995

Please don't hesitate to drop me a line to talk through your needs!